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AB On Insurance - December 2018

December 4, 2018


Anderson Baker, President, Gillis, Ellis & Baker Insurance

GEB President, Anderson Baker, shares what's trending in the world of insurance. Check out which articles from his inbox are worth the read.

1. I’m not a lawyer, so I had to look up SCIENTER.
The Lion Air incident will help define it.
The D&O Diary, November 29, 2018, First The Plane Crash, Then The Securities Lawsuit >

2. That’ll never happen to my company.
Businesses, large and small, are unprotected for Cyber risks.
Risk and Insurance, November 29, 2018, You Are Overconfident in Your Level of Cyber Preparedness >

3. Don’t just renew your business insurance.
Review it!
Property Casualty 360, November 22, 2018, The importance of conducting an annual insurance review >

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